Tom Landstra
Enthusiastic, consultant, catalyst, link between laymen and IT.
“Our aim is not to provide software your ask for but to provide software you need.„
  • Involved
  • Understandable software solutions, easy accessible
  • Define automation targets prior to completion
  • Partnership
  • Direct communication
  • Tailored software
  • Together
  • Integration
  • Reducing and automating repetitive manual tasks
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Continuity is guaranteed
  • Up to speed with the newest technologies
Diewe van Geffen
Enthusiastic, fast, customer directed, a technical 'Jack-of-all-trades'.
Ben Vaessen
Creative, persistent, if not then anyway.
Gradus Broekhuis
Bridges gaps between people, great eye for detail, professional.
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